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We firmly believe in the ability of every human being and we know that by improving communication and civic participation people will feel more valuable, with capacity and creativity, which will be the beginning and transformation to a better quality of life.  

Based in Lindsay, a small city of approximately 10,000 people located in the Tulare County foothills, El Quinto Sol De America  is a grassroots organization that works in Lindsay and neighboring unincorporated communities of Tooleville, Plainview, El Rancho and Tonyville. 

The majority of the residents in these communities are low-income farm workers, predominantly monolingual Spanish speakers. We encourage community residents to participate in the decision making process, be it local, state, or at the national level.



Community members often meet with elected officials one on one to address local issues that are important to them and to the rest of the community.  EQS exists to build the capacity of communities to engage in policy-making and to create opportunities for them to do so. 

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