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El Quinto Sol De America Team


In order to create a great team you need a great staff, with individual talents. From EQS's humble beginings to now, one thing remains the same: a great goal and common purpose shared by all of the EQS Team.

Irma Medellin

Lead Community Organizer

Twenty six years ago, Irma Medellin left her home in El  Naranjo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and traveled to the small Central Valley town of Lindsay, California. She spent her first two months in America hiding in her house, too terrified of the authorities to go out. Eventually, she started helping in her daughter’s school where she met other immigrant parents who also were struggling to survive in a new country where they faced significant discrimination with little social or economic support.


In 2008, Irma was awarded the Health and Justice Award for outstanding leadership in achievement in promoting safe alternatives to pesticides, protecting global health, and nourishing the environment. That same year she received the Anthony Price Award for utilizing Art as a tool for civic engagement and education. Irma has been recognized by many organizations as an outstanding leader in Tulare County.


Currently, Irma is focusing all her time in further developing leadership committees in unincorporated communities so that one day these communities become healthy vibrant places to live in Tulare County.

Isabel Arrollo

Executive Director

Isabel Arrollo is the Program Director for El Quinto Sol de America. Previously, Isabel served as the program coordinator at ACT for Women and Girls, and program director at United Way of Fresno County. Currently Isabel is a member of the Board of Directors of ACT and for the Young Emerging Latino Leaders of San Joaquin Valley.   Isabel holds a BA, Communications-Public Relations from the University of the Pacific.      


Olga Marquez

Resource Development Specialist

Olga Marquez was born in Exeter and raised in the neighboring town of Farmersville, where she attended and graduated from Farmersville High School. Olga holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of the Pacific. Currently, she is the Resource Development Specialist for El Quinto Sol de America, where she has worked for the past two years.     

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