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Leadership Development

Leadership Comites


El Quinto Sol de America has established leadership comites in the communities of Plainview, Tonyville, Tooleville, El Rancho and in the city of Lindsay.  The comites are comprised of community members who meet on a monthly basis to discuss the needs of their respective communities and to create action plans that outline how community residents plan to address the identified needs.

Technical Assistance

El Quinto Sol de America technical assistance program stems from the idea that knowledge is power.  The number one reason why some community members do not participate in making changes in their community is because they don’t know how.  The technical assistance program provided the answers trainings range from who are the decision makers, how does a public meeting run, what is a public hearing, what is an agenda, how do you frame your idea in to action, how do you work with media, etc.  El Quinto Sol de America, along with partner organization offers a ten-month training program for community members that want to make a difference.

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