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The Clean Water Campaign


The Clean Water campaign is especially geared toward Plainview, Tonyville and Tooleville residents, working in collaboration with organizations such as AGUA, a grassroots coalition of impacted community residents and non-profit organizations seeking to clean-up and protect groundwater in the Central Valley region, to enforce and strengthen water quality regulations and to protect local drinking water sources for our communities.


Clean Air in the Valley


In partnership with CVAQ, a coalition whose mission is to work toward awareness, act as a watchdog, advocate for policy, and mobilize communities to create clean air in the San Joaquin Valley, EQS works to promote enforcement of the federal clean air act, seek to strengthen laws relating to air quality, and educate the public about air pollution.

S.A.F.E. (Safe Air For Everyone)
EQS is one of several groups in the valley who are part of the Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR) coalition. This coaltion works to protect public health, improve environmental quality and support a sustainable and just agricultural system by building a diverse movement across California to change statewide and local pesticide policies and practices. EQS is most involved with the S.A.F.E. (Safe Air For Everyone) campaign, which aims to prevent pesticide air pollution in California and support a safe and sustainable farming system that protects the health of farmworkers, their families, other directly affected communities and the environment.
Sustainable Agriculture


El Quinto Sol is one of a handful of organizations working on the topic of sustainable agriculture in the Central Valley. Our definition of sustainable agriculture is long term policy options to shift the valley towards sustainable agriculture and identify top food systems policy that will benefit all, along with providing opportunities for community members to explore different food system options, such as community gardens, and increase thier access to healthier food choices.



The Transportaion Justice Campaign


The Transportation Justice campaign educates residents of unincorporated, disadvantaged communities about Tulare County’s public transportation system, and empowers them to become engaged in decision-making that will impact their ability to access public transit. We also work with residents to advocate for their unmet transit needs by attending Tulare County Association of Governments meetings with community members.

Health Advocacy

Having Our Say Coalition


In collaboration with the Having Our Say coalition, which is a statewide coalition working to ensure that communities of color have a voice in the debate over access to quality health care for all Californians, EQS works to advocate for health care access for everyone, including undocumented immigrants.  

General Plan

The Tulare County General Plan


The Tulare County General Plan campaign continues our work to remove discriminatory policies from the Tulare County General Plan by organizing and educating local communities on the importance of being involved with and participating in the plan’s revision.

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